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It's all business in a Live Business Directory.  Many sites where business directories are found have another focus and the business directory is just an added feature.   Our directory and the businesses within are front and center.  We focus on your business and our goal is to create uninterupted opportunites to expose your unique products and services.


A Business Profile -  Add your business to the growing list of businesses who are taking advantage of this economical means to promote their businesses online.  A business profile within the directory gives you access to all the great features at one low cost.

Website: LiveVentures | Phone: 403.783.5967
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Milkman Milk Bar
New Cool Kid in Town - Ice Cream

 Your Family owned Ice Cream destination.  Featuring hand made ice cream in delicious flavours.   Seasonal flavours throughout the year.   Visit us to see what's new on the menu.  It's never a bad day for Ice Cream.

Website: Milkman Milk Bar | Phone: 403.381.3830
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